Elizabeth Dubbelde

IMG_4221.JPGSewing & Art: my existence since early childhood – learning from generations of women & men who made do with what they had. Sewing & Art keep me connected to my roots, my family – wonderful memories.

Playing with found objects, ephemera, paper, threads, textiles, words, images; I love the potential to create something from nothing. A personal journey of recycling, reusing, repurposing and creating something from nothing and one that is never satiated.

I learnt to knit & crochet with needles honed by my grandfather from the timber skewers that kept the meat roasts together for cooking. Rug hooking and learning to sew clothes, embroidery, French knitting made with used timber thread spools, darning, the art of being quiet and enjoying one’s own company – these memories keep me grounded.

I love capturing moments with photography around my garden, the antics of tiny frogs, insects, caterpillars, cloud chasing and the glorious colours that appear at every opportunity. Walking the beach to find round flat stones for my ‘here & now’ table sculptures that I call “Balancing Acts” that I post to my Instagram site: elizabethaed

Stitching intuitively & allowing the needlework to evolve without a plan is my main love; “Waste Not Want Not” pieces no larger than 10cm or 15cm square. Attention to detail, teeny tiny pieces inspire me and I’m fascinated with the intricate nature of needle & thread. I love what I do – it keeps me happy and amused.

W: www.berryquiltingretreat.com.au

I: elizabethaed  or berryquiltingretreat


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