‘Creative Waste’ workshop with Mandy Gunn

Don’t Create Waste … Use Waste to Create!

Armed with scissors, Stanley knives, steel rulers, garden gloves, cutting mat, PVA, twine, knitting needles and crochet hooks, and a massive array of materials, EFTAG members (and guests) recently gathered at The Pines for our first 3- day residential workshop for the year…. Creative Waste … with our tutor Mandy Gunn.

Woven book ‘Anna Karenina’ by Mandy Gunn

Mandy works mainly with sculpture, collage, assemblage and installation using recycled materials often constructed with textile linked techniques. Monoprints and painting also form part of her work. She has shown widely in Australia and her work is held in many public and private collections. You can see her work at https://mandygunn.webs.com


Mandy, who has a passion for recycling, and a wonderful imagination, led us on a fascinating journey using materials such as cardboard, paper (ex books, maps, shopping bags), inner tubes, beach rope, and treasures from nature. Techniques explored included folding, cutting & glueing, twining, finger knitting, weaving and mono printing. She showed us pieces of her work (including one woven from the pages of a book); photos of a number of her installations; and discussed the impact of repetition in design. Info was shared about sourcing materials and equipment. Mandy also touched on framing and pricing of work. She talked about her experience of residencies, the value of these for artistic practice, and how to apply.

Thanks to the culinary skills of our crew the food was (as usual) superb, and added the finishing touch to this truly inspirational (long) weekend.

Julie Brennan, March 2019

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