Julie Brennan


Julie Brennan_0408257862 (a).JPGHaving discovered the versatile properties of felt over sixteen years ago, I took to feltmaking with a passion. I work with a variety of fibres, using techniques that include wet-felting, needle-felting, and Nuno-felting. My creations range from wall art to wearables, but I love the way felt lends itself to sculptural work, and 3D forms are my favourite. I also enjoy incorporating found objects into my work, as well as exploring mediums other than felt. Techniques such as stitching, knitting, crocheting, printing and dyeing also form part of my ‘toolkit’.

My art has been learned from many excellent and generous tutors – and I am constantly exploring new ideas and felt-making techniques, adding them to my repertoire for use as appropriate.

Inspiration comes from many sources – including nature and language (I love playing with words). My work is sometimes quirky, as my imagination takes me on some interesting journeys.

When I am immersed in the creative process, it feels wonderful. I enjoy working with an ancient technique; the feel of the fibres; the challenges of problem-solving; and the surprises. As a piece evolves in an unexpected way, I enjoy the rewards of staying open to the possibilities. It’s as if the piece is speaking to me, and if I listen, we can have a fascinating conversation.

Belonging to a group like EFTAG has been fantastic. It has offered me so many opportunities to learn, to share, and to be inspired and supported as an artist.

W: juliebrennanfelt.com

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