Mischi West

Textile Artist

L&F expo 2 097.jpgMischi uses a very diverse variety of techniques and skills in her work.  Having been around textiles all of her life in both Germany and Australia she has developed a unique style of her own.  She works with mainly natural fibres and found objects.  Letting the medium and history of the material take her on a journey.

Mischis passions are spinning, shibori dyeing – mainly with indigo, boro, sashiko and piecing. She uses some of those techniques frequently separately or combined in her work.  Sometimes she lets the stitching take her where ever it wants to go other times there is a precision in her work that speaks of her love for the right balance and composition.

Her work is always hand stitched. Old and antique textiles are often included in her art.  Mischi is a founding member of EFTAG and has been a driving force behind that group for its 13 years of existence. She has exhibited her work numerous times around the south coast and ACT.  She lives on the south coast and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds her are the inspiration for her art.

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