Cheryl Plowman


I am a retiree who sought a lifestyle change to the far South Coast from Sydney.

My initial foray into textile art/craft was a felting workshop in 2004 and since then I have tried many varied textile techniques including shibori, quilting, free machine embroidery.

Since joining EFTAG in 2014 I have ventured a little further with papermaking, encaustic waxing and 3D felting.

I love using a range of techniques to enhance discarded pieces such as mirrors, trays, small boxes, cupboards or just anything that I feel offers a new life or function from some loving attention.

My latest art adventures have been heat painting stainless steel and then creating lampshades and bowls from the metal mesh.

More recently I have returned to decoupage and encaustic embellishment to enhance worn-out boxes, bowls, terracotta planters and trays.

I am always searching for new techniques and skills to add to my repertoire and this year will undertake a welding course to incorporate metalwork in my menu.

Please keep in touch if you enjoy my work as it is always for sale and you can browse my latest pieces and art journeys on Facebook under Magpie Treasures.


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