Susan Jameson

Felt Maker Susan Jameson 0408634237Sue has experimented informally with many crafts; sewing, embroidery, fabric dyeing, knitting and crochet, always with an individual twist. Sue’s lifelong love of texture has found an artistic outlet since introduced to felt making. Working with natural or pre-dyed merino and alpaca wools, silk fabrics and yarns Sue has experimented with many elements of felt making.

Producing works ranging from fine, lace-like textures for scarves, to sturdy, practical oven mitts and sculptural forms, or light autumn weight hats; the versatility of felt has held her fascination.

Sue first exhibited with EFTAG at First Fibres in 2005, with Canberra Regional Felt Makers in 2006, and at Artisans Nest Bodalla since 2012. Sue has a love of sharing her knowledge and is often inspired by the results produced by those she has introduced to the art form. Her love of community and organisational skills lead to involvement in making opportunities for others to grow and show their work. Sue has served on the EFTAG and Artisans Nest committees in various positions and currently plays a role in producing the EFTAG Wearable Art Fashion Parade.

Sue’s designs and decoration are often inspired by the natural environment and the spiritual aspect of allowing expression through the process – an exercise in trust.


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