Tanja Wernik

Tanja WernikWeaving    

The wondrous interplay of colour and thread and the exploration of number combinations to generate endless pattern and form is my inspiration to weave.

Handwoven cloth is a timeless Craft but less acknowledged as an Art form. It universally serves mankind as one of our primary needs.

Flawless weaving requires intense concentration, which allows one to be immersed in the present. It is a form of meditation for me.

I have been fortunate to observe traditional weavers in India, East Timor and Laos and have been in awe of their knowledge and art practice. I practice traditional weaving in acknowledgement of its history and purpose.

I worked as a teacher of Craft in the Rudolf Steiner education system in Melbourne. To further my knowledge, I completed the RMIT Diploma in Textiles & Design. Technique and concept design now feature to me as important as each other. I uphold the craft of hand weaving from the past with concept design of the present. I practice as a textile artist under the name of “Weavemark”, which I will develop during my sea change here in the beautiful Eurobodalla Shire.

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