Wool dyeing at Mischi’s place

Great fun today learning to dye wool under the expert guidance of Mischi.  Despite some reservations along the lines of ‘ you mean we are going to BOIL wool? – Really?  Are you sure that is a good idea?”, the doubting Thomases were soon delighting in the gorgeously coloured wool roving and yarn that emerged from the boiling pots.  Great fun!

Just a reminder that tickets for the May fashion parade, in conjunction with the River of Art, are now on sale – and selling fast – so get in quick.  The theme this year is ‘Outrageous” – not that some of our members need much encouragement to come up with outrageous creations!

Next meeting is 1 May at Julie’s place where we will be doing stuff with wool, but I think it is a secret, so can’t say more here – if you want more info, best check with Julie or one of the committee.

1 thought on “Wool dyeing at Mischi’s place

  1. Wish i could have been there with you all x Sue J

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