‘The Basics of Professional Practice’

EFTAG Gathering : 4 May 2019
The Basics of Professional Practice
Facilitated by Ruth Hassell and Mandy Hillson

Steph photographing artwork with her mobile phone

Members gathered to workshop the key elements involved in presenting our artwork outside of our studios:

How to take easy photos of your artwork using your mobile phone or tablet. Using a few key features on your phone we learnt how to enhance, crop and size our photos. We learnt what size is appropriate for publication, and emailing. We experimented and were surprised at how easy it can be.

How to write an Artist Statement. We explored the three main purposes of a statement: one page eg for grant applications including a brief CV; shorter – 1/2 page, which covers why you make art/what you are inspired by and why you use certain materials eg for a catalogue that includes your work; or a paragraph relating to a particular artwork which is about you and your work. We discovered that there are many styles but the essence is good, clear communication. There was some hearty debate amongst members as to what makes an Artist Statement good.
The key point – think about your statement carefully and its purpose and audience.

How to price your artwork. Most of us find this extremely challenging and still will, however, Ruth provided us with a few good ideas on how to structure our pricing and where to begin.. still this is a tough one.Overall, while we didn’t walk away from the workshop with great clarity, we enjoyed robust discussion, learnt a few key tips and I know, I will be so much more thoughtful and knowledgeable on how to present my work more professionally in the future.

Mandy Hillson

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