Welcome to 2015

We kicked off the new year today with a committee meeting – lots of planning was done – followed by a get together involving some new faces – welcome!

First of all, we have a bumper year coming up for workshops – some are already fully subscribed and have a waiting list, some still have one or two spots available. Click here to view the program.  Contact Julie Brennan if you want to put your name down for a spot, or a place on the waiting list.

The impressive line up of tutors includes:

Tony Dyer

Tatiana Sheverdushka

Marjolein Dallinga

Ilka White

A calendar will be finalised and distributed shortly showing the programs/events planned for the year.  Of course, as usual, May is the Fashion Parade – theme is “Beastly”.  And December is the Exhibition – theme is “Black and White with a touch of colour”.  And after the success of last year’s retreat, another one is planned for November, at Tuross.

To accommodate more members, and the fact that the Tuross hall is not always available on the first Thursday, this year there will be an occasional Saturday meeting – hopefully that will allow some members who have commitments during the week to attend.

And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page.

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