Engage with the process and don’t anticipate the result!


EFTAG Drawing Workshop – Technique, Process & Invention 

Tutor: Phillip Doggett-Williams

The Pines, Tuross Head, 15-17 June 2018

Examples of drawings created by the workshop participants.

A group of 10 enthusiastic women (including friends of EFTAG members) gathered at The Pines, Tuross Head in June for a Drawing Intensive, 3-day workshop.  We were privileged to welcome Phillip Doggett-Williams as our tutor.   Phillip is a highly successful working sculptor, artist and lithographer and is represented in several major Australian galleries. He is also co-founder of the recently established Sunshine Print Artspace, an access print facility in Melbourne.

Our group arrived with varying levels of skill, which was very challenging for all of us. We all know the angst of self-criticism!

PDW led us through various exercises employing different mediums including charcoal, pencil, pastel, oil crayon and gouache. The exercises and studies addressed included movement, rhythm, tone, volume, ‘en plein air’, and self-portraits. The aim of the workshop was not to perfect the skill of drawing but to use the lessons as a way of self-expression on paper. Phillip led by example and we were able to observe him sketch, under pressure. Phillip generously divulged many techniques and tips he has been able to master over the years.

Not only did we receive practical lessons from Phillip but he passed on his valuable mantras:

  • Persistence triumphs over self-doubt.
  • Engage with the process and don’t anticipate the result.
  • If you don’t know what to do, just do something. If it’s not working, do something else.
  • Can you be bothered?

We had a really enjoyable workshop and loved PDW’s mantras – especially ‘Can you be bothered?’ Very thought provoking to apply to your creative practice and life activities. Can you be bothered practising and working to gain the skills and outcomes you want to achieve?

Of course, the evenings were filled with wonderful home prepared food, wine, chats, information exchange, stories, lots of laughs and fabulous bonding!

Thank you EFTAG for another great workshop!

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