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EFTAG gathering: Saturday 7 July 2018 : Tuross Head

A fabulous group of women & two men turned out for the EFTAG Saturday gathering in July exploring printmaking delights with Cathie Griffith & Clare Elliott.

What a professional presentation from the Cathie and Clare duo! They showed us various types of ‘print-play’ available to us on four very inviting, perfectly assembled workstations. Great teamwork and thorough descriptions had us all eager to dive in and explore some new techniques and for some of us to revisit some old practices and skills.

Collectively and individually we explored printing and paint mediums and options such as block printing, mono printing, reduction printing using a variety of styles including Polystyrene trays, linocuts, found objects, acetate, Gelli plates, glass plates and screen printing techniques onto fabric and paper.   All techniques offered us so many choices and ideas for overprinting, creating stamps, using a variety of techniques and other found objects.

Ideas were flowing as EFTAG gatherings do, inspiration abounded and our individual ideas flowed out and were shared within the collective of our lovely EFTAG group members. We all had wonderful fun as we explored the ‘taster’ and the potentials of each printmaking offering.

As always our gathering proved to be a valuable experience and a reminder of the many options available to us to create interesting artworks, embellishments and adaptations for our art works and clothing design.

Undoubtedly the importance and value of EFTAG as a supportive and collaborative group was once again highlighted. What a wonderful creative environment to share ideas to develop and grow as a group and as individual artists.

Big thanks to our fabulous presenters and organisers Cathie & Clare for hosting a fabulous gathering of learning, laughter and warm friendship.

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