Not seaming so hard – 3 days with Ginny

Recently twelve enthused women arrived at The Pines in Tuross Head for a three-day workshop on Garment Making with Virginia Yarnton. We came with a wide range of sewing experience.

For those early in our relationship with sewing machines and those yet to explore its full potential, this weekend promised to be a steep learning curve!

For others with more experience it would be a welcome stretch to extend our existing skills.

Ginny came with a wealth of experience – nearly 40 years in the trade and teaching – the last 10 of these at RMIT in Melbourne. She met the challenge of our wide range of needs amazingly well. Her patience, hard work, and generosity were much appreciated by all.

We began by practising sewing a variety of seams and learning where each was appropriate to use, and also playing with different types of fabrics. Next – after measuring our bodies and the patterns we had each purchased – we discovered there is probably no such person as a size 10…12…14…22 etc.!

And so, we began the process of changing the patterns to suit our own beautiful bodies… making calico toiles… re-fitting them to our bodies… unpicking them… making new patterns… a new toile… Voila!

The food (as usual) was superb. We ate like queens. And as a result, we’ll probably have to re-size our patterns now that the weekend is over!

Julie Brennan


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