Washing Machine/Dryer Felting with Michelle Slezak.

EFTAG Gathering  Saturday 8 June 2018 Tuross Head Hall

Talented EFTAG member, Michelle Slezak was a full time felter making felt garments and pieces.  Over time, Michelle developed several techniques to make the felting process less physically demanding.

Six large fold up tables were placed end to end in the Tuross Head hall – this proved to be no ordinary technique making use of a couple bench tops! The fleece was then laid out in a distinctive warp and weft making a very fine silky fabric. The fabric was then rolled, tied up and put into a tub of warm soapy water for stomping on.

‘Gum-booted’ members took turns to do the stomp in order to replace the usual rolling process.  As soon as the felt held together, the fabric was placed into a dryer for the fulling process.  Previously Michelle used a washing machine for this step but the dryer proved very effective.

The result was a beautiful, lightweight wrap a little smaller than one of the six tables.

Thank you, Michelle, for generously sharing your knowledge, skills and your innovative techniques with the EFTAG members – very much appreciated and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the gathering.

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