‘Fearless Flowers’ Fundraiser


EFTAG members have been busy creating flowers for Fearless Flowers 2020. This is a campaign committed to supporting and raising funds for ovarian cancer research and in particular the #PinkMeetsTeal campaign seeking government funding fairness for ovarian cancer. 

Jill Emberson and her team launched the program in May and  included a fundraising project headed by Timeless Textiles called ‘Fearless Flowers’. They will sell hand made flowers on International Women’s Day 2020 and all money will go to ovarian cancer research.

It is with great sadness we farewell Jill Emberson.  Jill was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016 and recently lost her four year battle with the disease. Her mission was to build a broad army of advocates for ovarian cancer. Ovarian Cancer Australia credit Jill Emberson with creating what many are calling “the Jill Effect” when it comes to raising funds to tackle the disease.

“We are few in number and die quickly, making it nigh on impossible to achieve the traction that breast cancer women have attained. With wide community help, we can achieve funding fairness for ovarian cancer and achieve our dream of survival.”

Read more about the very inspiring and fearless flower, Jill Emberson via ABC website




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